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Our Editorial Guidelines

We are committed to enriching our audience's knowledge base with valuable insights and expertise, primarily through thought-provoking interviews and comprehensive articles spanning from 600 to 3000 words.

We actively invite participation from industry experts, aiming to cultivate high-caliber content that has the potential to shape the discourse in the IT and technology sector within the realm of gambling.

Contributions should be geared towards the goals of informing, analyzing, or presenting well-founded opinions on pertinent subjects.


We kindly request that submissions steer clear of promotional content, press release summaries, or customer case studies.

We enthusiastically welcome pitches from PR agencies as well.

If your proposed article relies on research findings or statistical data, we kindly ask that you provide hyperlinks to the source material when reaching out to us.

To propose an article idea or share a contributed piece, please get in touch with us at for our careful consideration and review. We also encourage potential interviews with industry thought leaders.

Topics We Cover

  • Betting Technology

  • Data Management

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Machine Learning

  • Cyber Security

  • Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies & NFTs

  • CRM Management 

  • Virtual/Augmented Reality

  • RegTech

  • Cloud Gaming

  • Payments

  • Live Casino

  • Emerging Technologies

  • People

  • Tech Startups

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