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Evolving Technology Outlook: kwiff - Nick Maroudas

Gaming Eminence asks Nick Maroudas, CTIO at Eaton Gate Gaming which operates the brands kwiff and betwiff to see his perspective on the impact technology has had within the gambling industry.

GE) Over the past 10 years we have seen the rise of everyday technology in not only making people’s lives easier, but also the capturing of individual information or what we would call our “digital footprint”. How have you seen these changes affect the gambling industry?

NM) Over the last ten years it certainly has not only made people's lives easier but the rise in individual data profiling has in my opinion helped improve customer experiences. In particular the gambling industry has been relatively slow to get to footprinting and profiling with their own data and have used 3rd parties to achieve this. Those that went on the journey early and evolved to do it themselves and with their own data have been able to best adjust to changes to data privacy and the introduction of GDPR.

The net outcome is that the customer has benefited from this, evidenced by a reduction in marketing and “noise” from operators and associated partners and those that have agreed to “tailored” advertising or promotions are getting relevant and timely information and or promotions.

GE) With the advancements in technology, it is playing more of a role in the gambling industry. Do you feel operators are leaning more towards being considered tech business and if so why?

NM) It certainly depends on the operator or provider. Although technology may form part of their business, the industry has many facets that make it unique and cannot fit a traditional technology company mould.

There is broad definition as to what defines a technology company and therefore you could label yourself a technology company if you feel that it is the core of your business. My personal experience and opinion is that the statement is indeed correct although I believe those that have their own technology certainly see themselves as technology companies but struggle against the traditional industry to fully categorise themselves as such.

GE) If you had to list the top 5 advancing technologies on the minds of leaders within the gambling industry, what would they be and why?

NM) Some of my statement will certainly sound populated with industry buzzwords, but thinking of the themes and thoughts it would be gamification, personalisation, customer experience, reach and owned secure tech/platforms.

There is no silver bullet technology that can achieve all these goals as a bouquet and there are certainly companies out there that can help achieve this but in an individual fashion.

The key would be to either do it yourself if you have the resource and knowledge or be good at orchestrating and integrating with technologies who are top of their game.

About our contributor

Currently the CTIO at Eaton Gate Gaming which operates the brands kwiff and betkwiff globally. Nick is an experienced and well rounded senior technology professional with key strengths in leadership, platform, application, data and marketing technologies. As well as having worked as a technology leader in the gambling industry since 2013 he also has a demonstrated history of working in the Telco/Media industry and not for profit organisations. Nick enjoys a challenge and adding value through proving innovation. Visit


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