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2023 Tech Forecast: GR8 Tech - Artur Ashyrov

As we wrap up our 2023 tech forecast outlook series, we interviewed Artur Ashyrov, the Chief Technology Officer of GR8 Tech, to obtain his expert perspectives on the leading technologies anticipated to dominate the industry in 2023 and the online markets that operators will prioritize. Furthermore, we will delve into his opinions on the development of Bet Builders and the repercussions of the FTX collapse on cryptocurrency adoption in the gambling industry

GE) Which technologies do you feel will dominate the gambling industry in 2023?

AA) Our industry is most likely to follow the overall recession trends of the global economy and become quite wary regarding technology. I think we’ll see more investments in some well-understandable technology today like AI, cloud, and so on. Some focus on web 3.0 projects may go on as well. At the same time, investments in such sophisticated technology as metaverse will most likely decrease. It doesn’t mean that we won’t see any new projects in this area at all - in the end, high risk means potentially high profits, so they’ll have their investors. Just not as many as before.

GE) What online markets are going to be the focus for operators in 2023 and what technical challenges will this face in gaining market share?

AA) I believe that would be developing markets. Their potential is already attracting a lot of attention, and as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Russian market segment, quite large in itself, is increasingly flowing into other promising geos. Talking about the biggest challenges, I think those will be associated with compliance. It takes a lot of work to create a great technical product, but it’s a whole other level to ensure its compliance with the requirements of very different markets.

GE) How do you see Bet Builders evolving throughout 2023?

AA) Let’s see… With the general trend to speed up everything imaginable also affecting the products of the iGaming industry, we are likely to start seeing more fast mechanics and markets, more innovative formats and hybrid games.

GE) Do you think that the FTX collapse will have an impact on operators’ outlook towards crypto during 2023?

AA) It definitely will - however, I am sure that this influence won’t reach critical scales. Despite the collapse of FTX, cryptocurrencies remain one of the most promising technologies of today, so the technology around them will continue to evolve. But there is reason to think that operators and other market players will analyse potential crypto partners much more carefully in 2023.

Artur has be featured in our "CTO in Focus" series and you can read our in-depth interview with him here


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