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Evolving Technology Outlook: Triggy - Martina Åkerlund

Gaming Eminence asks Martina Åkerlund, CEO of Triggy to see her perspective on the impact technology has had within the gambling industry.

GE) Over the past 10 years we have seen the rise of everyday technology in not only making people’s lives easier, but also the capturing of individual information or what we would call our “digital footprint”. How have you seen these changes affect the gambling industry?

MA) Collecting data, in an ethical manner, as users interact with any digital products is an important factor for optimising the business case and creating a superior user experience.

The gambling industry understands this very well as big data/AI sits high on the agenda for any major/emerging player in the industry. Furthermore, an increased interest from operators and affiliates to bring in tech providers that are experts in this field is noticeable for a company such as Triggy.

Big data help operators to curate the most relevant content, staying efficient, and stands to benefit the end users user-friendly sites and apps. Triggy believes that we are still in the early days of this trend and that it will remain a prioritised item for all actors in the gambling industry as we catch up against leaders of this type of technology (e-commerce, social media platforms, etc.)

The gambling industry is well positioned to handle data collection with a high level of integrity with respect for users’ privacy and data control - as regulatory, legal and responsible gambling and marketing is second nature to our business.

GE) With the advancements in technology, it is playing more of a role in the gambling industry. Do you feel operators are leaning more towards being considered tech business and if so why?

MA) As advancements of technology of the smartphones, high speed mobile internet, payment solutions and legalisation - the online marketshare of the gambling industry will continue to grow for years to come.

We believe all actors in the gambling industry will be heavily reliant on technology to operate their businesses, regardless if they remain lean and operating using existing platforms or running their own end-to-end solutions. Technologies such as AI and big data stands to benefit game developers, platform providers and operators alike.

GE) If you had to list the top 5 advancing technologies on the minds of leaders within the gambling industry, what would they be and why?

MA) Big data - fully utilising the capability of modern technology will help support businesses in taking data driven decisions backed up with facts.

Personalisation - to shift focus from the non-sustainable race of offering the highest welcome bonus, more businesses will continue developing great user experiences for improved retention and brand loyalty.

Mobile - direct channel to end users’ most personal belonging, mobile first will continue to be top priority.

Crypto/NFTs/Blockchain - some of the most profound technological advancements in recent years that very likely will continue to effect preferred payment solutions, security/privacy questions and marketing.

Augmented/Virtual Reality - the digital landscape will be a lot more than the websites and apps as we know them today if AR/VR becomes mainstream. Completely new digital experiences, new marketing channels and a bridge between the physical (brick and mortar) and digital are some areas that the industry innovators likely are looking into.

About our contributor

Martina Åkerlund, CEO of sports tech company Triggy. 20 years of experience from banking and finance as a Management Consultant and in senior positions including Chief Marketing Officer, Head of Regulatory Reporting and Head of Project Management Office in organizations such as Nasdaq, Swedbank and SEB. Passionate about cultures and leadership where everyone can be their best.

Triggy is a B2B Sports Tech company that combines Sports data, Odds and User insights to engage the next generation of fans and bettors. Triggy helps monetize users and create higher lifetime values for sportsbook operators, affiliates and media companies through cost efficient acquisitions and increased retention. Visit


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