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Former Meta Director of Engineering, Takes Helm as GeoComply's CTO

GeoComply, the top provider of geolocation, fraud, and risk solutions in the market, has appointed Vadim Jelezniakov as its new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Mr. Jelezniakov was previously the Director of Engineering at Meta.

GeoComply, has appointed Vadim Jelezniakov, former Meta Director of Engineering, as their new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Jelezniakov brings over 20 years of experience building and managing reliable and scalable technology platforms, including at Google, Amazon, and the New York Times, and has a proven track record in technology innovation and product development.

In his new role as CTO, Jelezniakov will lead the company's technology strategy and oversee the development of new products and services. With his deep knowledge of emerging technologies and market trends, Jelezniakov will be instrumental in shaping the future of GeoComply.

“We are thrilled to have Vadim join our team,” said Anna Sainsbury, Co-Founder and CEO of GeoComply. “With his impressive track record of innovation and leadership in the technology industry, I am very confident that he will help us continue to grow and stay ahead of the competition.”

Jelezniakov added: “I am so excited to join GeoComply and work with such a talented and dedicated, industry-leading team. My goal is to help drive innovation and growth in new and existing market verticals by leveraging new technologies and developing products and services that meet the evolving needs of our customers. This truly is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to scale a market-leading company.”


Gaming Eminence reached out to both Anna and Vadim directly with a few questions:

Anna, can you describe the process that GeoComply used to identify and evaluate potential candidates for the CTO role? Also, did you have any specific criteria, such as technical expertise, leadership skills, or industry experience, that were considered key for this position?

It was a very lengthy process. We interviewed well over 100 candidates as we were looking for both high-growth, big-tech experience with a people-first approach. It was hard to find that combination!

Vadim, can you tell us what motivated you to accept the position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at GeoComply, and what factors contributed to your decision to take on this role?

I've always been passionate about teams that operate on the cutting edge of technology while balancing the needs of existing customers with innovation and long-term vision. I've been fortunate to work for some industry leaders who do these things well, and GeoComply is one of those rare companies. I will highlight three of the top reasons I was excited to join.

As an industry leader, especially in very demanding highly-regulated markets, GeoComply has built an impressive "treasure chest" of data and knowledge around reliable, fast, and accurate geolocation, anti-fraud, and risk management. One of my main motivations for joining was a rare opportunity to work for an industry leader looking to expand into new markets while protecting and evolving existing products and services.

An equally important motivation is the culture the founders, Anna and David, and the executive team have built. GeoComply aims to balance high expectations (that benefit our customers directly) with promoting inclusivity, teamwork, and learning (that help our customers and our teams long-term). In the first three weeks, I was fortunate to visit many GeoComply offices around the globe. Everywhere I have been, I have seen firsthand how passionate my new colleagues are about working hard and innovating for our customers - while learning and growing themselves and others around them. Also, a double-digit % of GeoComply employees joined in the last 12 months. My leadership team and I will continue helping the engineering teams improve collaboration and decision-making across the groups and locations. It's a challenge and a fantastic opportunity: ensure GeoComply engineering stays fast and agile while absorbing this impressive growth!

Lastly, I'm fascinated by the numerous learning opportunities working at GeoComply scale and complexity offers engineers like me. In 2022, GeoComply processed an average of 1B location checks per month - with 100M during Super Bowl alone. While I don't have geolocation experience - I’ve spent the last 20 years building software platforms. I'm excited to learn from my colleagues and apply my knowledge of cloud infrastructure, big data, and machine learning/AI to GeoComply’s existing and new use cases. Working with a bright team at this scale while applying the latest technology is a treat for any lifelong learner!


Earlier this year GeoComply received minority investments from funds managed by Norwest Venture Partners and Arctos Sports Partners. The geolocation security provider aims to use the funds to expand its presence in the financial services and media rights management industries, according to a news release. However, no details about the investments were disclosed.


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